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Fast response research projects

Children's homes: understanding the market and the use of out of authority placements

Supporting adoption and supporting families that adopt: value for money

Costs of childcare

Post adoption support: A rapid response survey of local authorities in England.

Decision Making within a Child's Timeframe: An overview of current research evidence for family justice professionals concerning child development and the impact of maltreatment

A rapid literature review of evidence on child abuse linked to faith or belief  

The impact of new assessment practices in response to the Munro Review of Child Protection: messages from the pilots

Evaluation of Serious Case Reviews using the SCIE/systems approach

Children's and Young People's Voices on their Wellbeing

Children's subjective wellbeing survey measures

The demographic characteristics of foster carers in the UK: Motivations, barriers and messages for recruitment and retention

Analysis of data on children's homes

Understanding the market for Secure Children's Homes

The protection of children on-line: a brief scoping review to identify vulnerable groups

Using 'lead indicators' to support the effective management of local child protection systems

Rapid review: grandparents providing childcare

Update of DFE evidence papers on family topics

International regulatory frameworks summary for the Bailey Review of commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood

Review of recent literature for the Bailey Review of commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood

Survey of LSCBs to inform the Munro Review of Child Protection progress report

Scoping work on childhood bereavement

Learning from approaches to serious incidents in non-child protection sectors

Children's rights international evidence review

Childhood wellbeing briefing paper